Welcome to the World of Top Strategy Card Battle Game!

Some of the game features:

● Collect 100+ Battle Cards, check them out! And more coming out soon

● Travel through The World and Explore the Alluring Lands as you battle and earn your rewards

● Deck Builder - Quickly construct your winning deck

● Shuffle the deck, draw powerful cards, cast creatures & surprise your opponent!

● Daily Challenges - Earn awesome prizes every day

● Super advanced, deeply strategic and fun gameplay

● Hey, this is for you

● Did we mention it’s for you? We did, and yes - it’s for you!

Fast-paced free online card battle game with a battle board you know and love. Real-time PvP and exciting multiplayer experience. Epic, immense fun and easy to pick up!


Discover and collect 100+ battle cards, join exciting challenges to take over the World of Four Tribes at war. Build your Deck with unique cards, get it rolling & strengthen it up!

Card Smash: Tribal Lords CCG

Coming Soon on iOS & Android!

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