What is Card Smash - Tribal Lords?

Card Smash: TL is a collectible card game, or a CCG, where you collect new cards, build decks and fight against other players in matches.

On which app stores or platforms is Card Smash available?

Card Smash is not out yet. It will be coming to iOS and Android soon!

How did you came up with the name Card Smash - Tribal Lords?

Honestly? Through a very long vetting and discussion process. Names of anything take the longest to lock down.

How do I contact the developers (and give them feedback or report bugs)?

Currently you can send us email at or contact us through our Facebook page.

How does the actual Battle Board look?


Start to Play

Do I have to play through the tutorial? Can I skip it?

The tutorial can't be skipped as it provides the player the necessary tools for a smooth start for the game.

Can I change my player name? I accidentally registering with the wrong username.

Currently this isn’t an option. We might add it if enough people request it.

How do I build my Deck?

A basic deck of cards can have 3 copies of any card, excluding the Ultra cards. Decks are comprised of 30 cards. This is the required amount for each deck, no more, no less. You can use a pre-built deck, or have fun building your own in the deck builder.

How does the Deck Builder work? 




What are the different factions of the game?

The four factions are Nature, Astral, Dark and Tech. They all have their own special blend of units that work well together and even some that support mixing two factions together. For example every snake in the game can be boosted by the Snake Handler.

What is the best card in each faction?

There really isn’t a “best” card. Each card is valuable in different kinds of decks. Some might value fast damage, some board control and some just fun stuff. Each card has its place and each player has their favorites.

How can you place cards on the board?


Each faction has their own avatar and they all will have their own set of skills and spells to aid you in battle. The Avatar can be seen on the battlefield, commanding the forces.

How many different avatars are there (in addition to Nature’s Champion, the Skeletor Overlord)? Can you pick your own avatar, or unlock them?

The avatar system is a feature coming in the future. Each faction will have at least one avatar available.

Most cross-faction interactions come from abilities and card archetypes. Such as the Snake Handler; it also boosts snakes from other factions, like the Mist Spectres.



How do I grow my collection of cards?

The fastest way to do this is to get booster packs. Cards are rewarded throughout the progression and from chests in the game. You can also buy them from the Shop.

How can I get a specific card I need?

There is a crafting system for the cards and you’ll be able to earn crafting currency by playing the game, or by getting more booster packs.

I got an awesome card that requires 12 energy. How can I use it if I can only get a maximum of 6 energy?

Some cards increase your energy, especially Tech faction cards. Some of the Tech faction cards also lower the casting cost of other cards.

Do cards that damage all the units around them when killed, like the Dynamite Bunny, also affect the opponent's champion if they are in the last (attacking) row?

The only way to damage the enemy avatar is to attack it directly, or by using projectile units like the Archer. Most card abilities, such as “destroy anything”, don’t affect the avatar. So the Void Assassin can’t destroy the avatar in one shot, even if it might be fun.

What are “Ultra” cards?

Ultra cards are powerful units that often have game changing mechanics. What makes them special is that you can only own one, so there can’t be several copies of one in a deck. You can have several different Ultra cards in a deck though.

Are there any spell cards?

Spell cards are on their way as soon as our mages stop running around the forest.

How many new cards are going to be added in the next 2-4-6 months? Will the old ones be replaced / changed?

We avoid changing existing cards as much as possible but sometimes we do need to balance them as we go. We can not confirm any specific numbers on expansions, but they are sure to shake up the game in a major way and worth the wait.

Are there any cards with healing powers?

Several cards restore health to other units, such as Nature Shrine.

How do the cards look like?


How can you place cards on the board?

You can place any card on the board that you have the energy for and you can place them anywhere next to other units, or your starting row. Movement, attacking and placement all happen by dragging the card/unit around.

What is the green orb on the board?

That is a booster orb and it gives any unit that lands on it, played or moved, +1 in all directions!

Can you slow down or make the tempo faster on the game during the battle on board?

This is done with cards, units that control the board and by the energy curve of your deck. There is no way to change the speed time moves...yet!

How long does one turn last on the board?

Anywhere from 1 second to 1 minute.

How do you move on the board?


How do you win in the game?

The game never ends, but you defeat your opponent by reducing their health to 0, while keeping yours above 0.

How long is the player’s turn?

The turn limit is 1 minute.

Can you pause the game and resume?

As it’s a PVP setting most of the time, there is no pause function.

Is there going to be a leader board with stats on who has played through the nature map the most times?

This is another feature that is planned for the future.

What is Smash Time?

Smash time activates on the seventh turn. During Smashtime both players draw two cards instead of one.

Can you choose your opponent?

Currently you can’t, but we plan to add this feature soon.

What kind of daily rewards / quests does the game have? OR How can I claim Daily Rewards?

Each consecutive login rewards you with gold, gems and cards. Also each day you’ll receive a new challenge, which upon completion rewards a chest with gold, gems or cards. Look at your journal, finish the challenge and claim your chest!

Journal / challenges / chests / keys?

You earn keys by playing matches. Keys are needed to progress through the map.

Coming Soon on iOS & Android!

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